Friday, August 3, 2012

I don't know when

I wrote this. around 1/26/10
  where did i come from? i am made up of mirrors and chemical substances. reflecting back the nonsense you spat out.
 do you know what i am? i couldn't explain it.
  these people are as fake as you are.
 they move and melt in the snow like the day you first remembered anything.
 they'll disintegrate in time but outlast your bodies existence here and most likely, outlast your soul's.
  when i felt the four of you in my stomach i snapped into reality.
 between dreams and my semi colored existence. I couldn't tell that the
 mirror was really a doorway leading me to a closed entrance of where i should be. it wouldn't let me in. it wasn't ready.
  i'm talking aloud in my head, over existing thoughts. i'm doing this because i think you can hear what i'm saying. i don't want you to know. don't expect shit from anyone. you'll be much happier and surprised that way.

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